Specialized Unveils A Dyneema-Reinforced Road Shoe With A BOA Closure

Specialized is a brand that consistently places itself at the forefront of cycling development, whether that be through cutting-edge engineering, innovative materials usage, or extensive athlete feedback. Despite having rocked the industry with the svelte S-Works 7 road shoes, the minds at Morgan Hill immediately went back to the drawing board and got to work. What results is a successor that promises to put an end to the competition once and for all.

Meet the Ares. As Specialized’s new flagship race shoe, every single detail has been carefully considered so that it meets the standards required of a world-class performance. For starters, it features an entirely new closure system that was specifically designed to eliminate any chance of slip when standing out of the saddle. Paired with a Dyneema-reinforced tongueless bootie, it makes for one of the most secure fits you can find. Underneath, the Ares has been fitted with a Varus Wedge, an adjustable Longitudinal Arch, and a FACT Powerline carbon outsole — a combination that allows for improved ankle alignment and keeps you pushing power to the pedals. All in, Specialized claims the Ares is 1% faster than any other shoe. You can buy them today for $425.

Purchase: $425