Specialized Angi Crash Sensor

Whipping down the road on your bike with the refreshing wind blasting your face is pure freedom, but it can definitely be dangerous. Cycling crashes happen more often than you think, which is why the Specialized ANGi (Angular and G-force indicator) Crash Sensor comes in handy.

You can armor up with the best protective gear on the market but if you happen to be alone when you crash you’ll be in a nightmare of a scenario. The ANGi is able to call for help when you can’t by pairing with the Specialized Ride app for iOS and Android devices. It’s able to detect a crash and give you a countdown between 15 to 90 seconds before it sends an alert. If you’re not seriously injured, you can stop ANGi and continue on your route. But, if ANGi determines you’re in trouble, it will alert your emergency contacts and send them your current GPS coordinates. If you’re riding into an area with little to no coverage, you can program ANGi to send emergency alerts if you do not return from your trip in a certain amount of time. The device can be attached to Specialized ANGi helmets and it’s available now.

Purchase: $50