Spare Me 5-in-1 Rescue Tool

For drivers, there’s no shortage of products designed specifically to come in handy during those roadside times of need. However, the quality and integrity of these multi-tools are sometimes lost when the time comes to put up or shut up. That simply isn’t the case with the Spare Me rescue tool – obviously a play on words for its simple design and lack of flair in appearance.

No, instead what we have here is a simplified tool of utility, offering five separate functionalities in one. That is, it can function as a scraper for ice and snow, a tire lift, a traction device (for getting out of tough snow, soil or sand), a leverage device for unscrewing lug nuts, and naturally a shovel as well to help you dig out when necessary. It features a 5-inch blade, is 18.5-inches long and is made right here in the USA. ‘Nuff said.

Purchase: $25