Spalding Remakes Their Original 1894 Basketball In Horween Leather

The NBA Finals are upon us with the Toronto Raptors and Goldenstate Warriors going head-to-head, but that’s not the only exciting hardwood news. Spalding hit their 125th anniversary and are celebrating the monumental feat by making a reproduction of their original 1894 basketball.

The Spalding 125th Anniversary 1894 Official Basketball commemorates the sports brand’s legacy, mirroring the first basketball by A.G. Spalding made for Dr. James Naismith. Crafted from high-quality Horween leather, each 29.5-inch basketball includes the original A.G. Spalding & Bros trademark and “No. M” stamp to confirm each is a Match Play ball. There are only 125 examples of this basketball in existence, which comes with a special blue storage case, so getting your hands on one can be tricky. The rare celebratory basketball dropped during Game 1 of the NBA Finals for $250 but is currently sold out, so your best bet is scouring the web.

Purchase: $250