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SpaceX Takes To The Stars With An Innovative Update To Its Spacesuit

As SpaceX’s Dragon crew prepares for its first endeavor into space, there’s no denying that the archaic, outdated suits from past exploratory missions were due for a much-needed makeover. Of course, the company’s engineers didn’t want to create something drab and unextraordinary, so they took to the drawing board to redesign what the world sees as a “future-proof” model.

In a recent video released via the company’s Twitter, viewers are treated to a stunning visual representation of the space-faring firm’s hard work. The updated spacesuit being utilized by the Dragon’s NASA astronauts is presented, focusing primarily on self-sustaining systems that help it, and its wearers, to integrate with the ship in innovative ways. Aside from its emphasis on depressurization protection and flame resistance, should something go wrong, it also offers adequate pressure regulation throughout its various parts, and includes innovative, personalized traits that conform to each pilot’s needs. Plus, things like avionics, communication systems, and touch-screen-friendly gloves have been included to ensure a smooth flow during in-flight operations. Head to SpaceX’s website to learn more about the suit, as well as its plan for the future of space travel.

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