Rocket Into Orbit Aboard SpaceX’s Commercial Flights

Jul 9, 2019

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More than half a century ago, the prospect of space travel seemed like nothing more than a distant dream. But, thanks to the world’s most aspirational minds, the future of visionary ascent was placed well within our reach. Aside from the original Space Race in 1955, the focus on interplanetary travel has never been more pronounced than it is now. As such, SpaceX — the industry-leading private space travel firm — has finally started to solicit reservations for civilian explorers.

Following the announcement of commercial flight aboard the company’s Starship earlier this year, SpaceX has opened its books to those with a thirst for the unknown. In 2021, the space-faring ship will head into Earth’s low orbit, ferrying customers from the surface of our planet for the first time. The ship will utilize a reusable Super Heavy booster which, when compared to a conventional propulsion device, has helped to drive the price of expeditions downward by almost $12,000,000. With a starting price of $50,000,000, traveling into space might be out of reach for most — but, with prices steadily decreasing, it won’t be long until mankind can live out their dreams among the stars.

Purchase: $50,000,000+

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