SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike

The electric bicycle market is definitely a small niche, so the best way to grab a piece of that smaller market share is to design an electric bicycle that really stands out from the pack. Introducing SPA (Societa Piemontese Automobili) Bicicletto, an electric bike that sports a luxurious look and is outfitted with high-tech equipment.

The SPA Bicicletto electric bicycle has an all-carbon frame that’s both lightweight and slender and is equipped with a 500W hub motor, installed in its rear wheel. The battery sits inside of the frame. On a single charge, it has a range of 31 miles in full-electric mode, or roughly 74 miles for pedal assistance. The Bicicletto has 26″ wheels and a removable LED headlight, LED turn signals, brake and hazard lights and Formula T1 brakes. The bike runs on battery, so the tank on top is actually a small storage space. With its carbon frame, unique LED headlight and sleek design, the Bicicletto is a stylish way to roll down the street. The SPA Bicicletto will run you $11,000. [Purchase]

SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike 2

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