Southwest Apple Watch Strap by Bexar Goods

We are of the impression that wearable technology is at its best when it isn’t ‘futuristic’ looking. This is why we really like Bexar Goods’ Southwest Apple Watch Strap. Not only is it a striking piece in its own right, but it helps dampen some of the high-tech overtones of the Apple watch by virtue of an attractive pattern and classic materials.

Made with 4 ounces of American Bridle Leather featuring striking blue saddle stitching and a pattern inspired by southwestern Native American artwork, the strap is both a rugged and handsome add-on to Apple’s watch. Each strap comes in either 38 or 42mm models, and the hardware comes in either space grey, aluminum, or stainless steel to match the color of your wearable. The strap fits a broad range of wrist sizes, with the first hole measuring at 6.75 inches and the last at 8.6. These straps are particularly popular, so pick one up now while you still have the chance. Prices are set at $160. [Purchase]

Southwest Apple Watch Strap By Bexar Goods 2

Southwest Apple Watch Strap By Bexar Goods 3

Southwest Apple Watch Strap By Bexar Goods 4