Soundwall Wireless Speaker Art

Walking by an art gallery and seeing a beautiful painting always leaves us wanting two things: 1) More cash to blow on art, and 2) Paintings that do more than just hang on a hook. No luck yet with #1, but finally, #2 is getting addressed here with Soundwall.

In this day and age of smart-everythings, it totally makes sense to see an invention like this. This is art that also plays music and promises to play it damn well through its distributed mode speaker system. The entire surface of the Soundwall is the speaker, and the built-in computer lets you stream tunes wirelessly from via the iPhone, Android, Sonos and more. Just plug into a power outlet and you’re set. There’s an amplifier on board, and each Soundwall is handcrafted and individually tested in Boulder, Colorado. There’s a range of sizes, and you can even have an image of your custom printed. Watch the video below. [Purchase]