Soundboks Speakers

Need a speaker that can follow you out to your favorite camping spots and beaches, resist the elements, and still produce a great sound? Soundboks is designed to do just that.

One of the most shocking specs on this super portable and durable speaker is the battery life. When played at the recommended 104 decibels, it can run for 100 hours, and at its maximum of 119 DB – it’s good for 8 hours of partying. For reference, 119 decibels is just about twice as loud as your local bar or nightclub, making this the first speaker that can actually go to 11 (for the all Spinal Tap fans out there). Depending on the model you purchase – you can hook the speakers up to your audio devices using either bluetooth or an aux cable. For $500 you can pick one up in time for the summer season. [Purchase]

Soundboks 1

Soundboks 2

Soundboks 3