Sound Reactive LED Masks

There is nothing new or revolutionary about donning a mask. Museum’s are full of them – some that were used for storytelling, others as a display of wealth, and still more used solely for donning on the day of a person’s burial. These Sound Reactive LED masks from Outline Montréal? They’re for partying.

Designed for festival goers and party animals alike, these wearable devices feature a lithium modulator that lights up electroluminescent patterns on the mask in response to sound. And because the phosphorus layer is so thin and the modulator so light, the masks manage to be both functional and fun to wear even in crowded environments. Unlike other paper masks, these can be worn multiple times thanks to the sturdy foam-backing and USB rechargeable battery on the back of the strap. The designs that Outline Montreal are making available include a fox, Hunter Thompson, a robot, and a jaguar

Kickstarter: $23+