This Mint-Condition ‘In The Wrapper’ Ferrari Enzo Is Ready to Be Auctioned Off

Sothebys Sealed 2004 Ferrari Enzo 0 Hero
Photo: RM Sotheby's

Whenever a Ferrari Enzo is set to hit the auction market, you can hear every auto enthusiast around the world groan a bit, primarily because they likely won’t ever get their hands on one of these uber-expensive lots. Of course, with a car as elusive and as limited as the almighty Enzo, these lofty asking prices are expected, and the same applies to the last remaining model still “in the wrapper.”

Sothebys Sealed 2004 Ferrari Enzo 1
Photo: RM Sotheby’s

This particular model, chassis number 132662, was delivered new to Japan and has primarily been kept under wraps ever since — yes, we mean that literally. Moreover, Sotheby’s claims that this example is being auctioned off in “factory-fresh condition,” as its interior still features original factory wrapping with an odometer that reads 227 kilometers (~141 miles). In other words, the car hasn’t been driven aside from being tested before delivery. Considering both of these, it’s hard to imagine just how much this bewilderingly rare vehicle is set to sell for. Still, we know it will make a new owner unequivocally happy.

Sothebys Sealed 2004 Ferrari Enzo 2
Photo: RM Sotheby’s

Over two decades later, the Pininfirina-styled car is still touted as one of the best Ferraris to hit the scene since the turn of the century, with its incredibly sleek proportions and angular look. As an added caveat for potential bidders, this example is one of only nine to be finished in Argento Nürburgring 101/C, the striking shade of gray. Additionally, it may also be the only one of them ever fitted with a Cuoio-colored interior.

Sothebys Sealed 2004 Ferrari Enzo 3
Photo: RM Sotheby’s

Try your luck at the Argento Nürburgring-colored Ferrari Enzo, as it’s set to be auctioned off between March 15 and 17 through RM Sotheby’s.