Keep Your Cranium Safe With This High-Tech Motorcycle Helmet

There was a time when motorcycle helmets were about as protective as baseball caps. But there have been a huge number of technological advancements since then. Still, there’s always more ground to cover. And Joe Doucet’s Sotera concept helmet might very well be the future of moto safety.

With its retro styling, this 3/4 brain bucket has style in spades. But that’s not what makes it special. You see, integrated into the design is a light bar that wraps around the bottom back that acts as an LED indicator. And that light bar works in conjunction with a built-in accelerometer — turning the light bright red when you start to slow down and back to white light when you resume acceleration. Of course, it’s also made from superb materials like Kevlar and polycarbonate to keep you protected in the case that you suffer any misfortune on the roads. It’s another brilliant way to increase rider visibility on the roads and, therefore, increase overall motorcycle safety. Let’s just hope this superb concept actually goes into production.

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