Sora Electric Superbike by Lito

Just a decade ago an electric car was a bit of a novelty. When you came across one on the street it’d be an occasion to point and take a photo. Now? they’re increasingly common. When it comes to motorcycles, however, it’s a different story. They’re still rare to come across. Yet with motorcycles like Sora and their top tier Electric Superbike Lito coming out, that seems likely to change.

Straight to the specs; this thing boasts 60 pounds of torque, 57 horses, and can hit 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds on its way to a top speed of 120 miles per hour. For a smooth ride this bike handmade in Quebec was equipped with a continuously variable transmission, an only requires 3.5 hours in order to fully charge so you don’t have to sit on your hands and wait to get out on the road. While purists will most likely still scoff, it’s hard to deny these numbers are impressive, but that isn’t all this bike has to offer. With a carbon fiber build, a 5.7 inch touch screen navigation system, Ohlins suspension, and an electric adjustable seat, this motorcycle is much more than just a set of numbers. Prices start at $77,000.  [H/T: Maxim]

Sora Electric Superbike by Lito 0

Sora Electric Superbike by Lito 1

Sora Electric Superbike by Lito 2