Sony Xperia Touchscreen Projector

Playing games on your iPhone or tablet can be a pretty fun way to waste some time. But, the enjoyment is limited when you have to crane your neck down at a tiny screen. But, buying a massive touchscreen display can be very expensive and difficult to find a place for. Or at least it was before Sony introduced their Xperia Touch, a next-level projector with touchscreen capabilities.

If you can find a flat surface between 23-80 inches, the Xperia Touch can turn it into an interactive haptic display. Yes, that means you can play the biggest game of Angry Birds ever without controllers or a screen – but it also works as a hub to display your calendar, exchange notes between family members, or even do big-screen video chats (thanks to the inclusion of a 13-megapixel camera and built-in microphone). It also projects at a 1336×768 HD resolution, can be used wired or wireless, and comes with a microSD-expandable 32 gigs of built-in memory. It’s selling for $1,700.

Purchase: $1,700