Sony EXTRA BASS Headphones

Headphone manufacturers have been struggling for years to come up with a way to give their products a full range of sound. While most have figured out ways to produce crisp and clear highs and mids, bass has – by far – been the most elusive part of the range. That’s been especially true with portable wireless headphones. Some makers gave up, some still struggle to find a way, but Sony might have just created the best most bass-heavy headphones ever.

The XB950N1 EXTRA BASS headphones are completely wireless, feature noise-canceling technology, and are built specifically to enhance all low-end frequencies – giving your music’s beats the attention they deserve. The noise-canceling can also be toggled on and off, so you don’t have to waste the extra battery if the ambient noise around you isn’t intrusive. But, even with EXTRA BASS and noise-canceling turned on, the batteries still last for up to 22 hours. And if you’re not happy with the levels of any song you’re listening to, just bring up the included app on your smartphone and adjust them on the fly. Sony hasn’t released their price, but you can sign up for a notification on their site. [Purchase]