Sony Combats Apple’s AirPods With Waterproof Wireless Fitness Earbuds

It’s no secret that wireless earbud manufacturers have taken a more dynamic approach to fitness-focused audio peripherals in the past year, and after an interesting display of capability-enhancing tech from Apple’s Airpod segment, Sony was left with a lot of room for rebuttal. Now, the Japanese giant has announced its WF-SP800N Wireless Earbuds.

The Sony WF-SP800N were designed primarily for the sport and fitness genre. First, they’ve accrued a water-resistant IP65 rating, meaning that they’ll stand up to splashes, sweat, and dust, regardless of when or where you decide to train. Calling upon the company’s refined noise-canceling technology and 360 Reality Audio support, you’ll be able to utilize the WF-SP800N in high-traffic areas like the gym, workplace, or market, without having to hit the volume button every time someone tries to get your attention. They even feature a new dimensional design that sits comfortably in the arc of your ear, helping to secure them as you jump, bounce, or jostle around. Each pair will provide up to nine hours of continuous playback (with noise-canceling on), and up to 26 hours of audio playback when paired with their proprietary charging case. Pick up a pair of your own on Sony’s website for $199.

Purchase: $199