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Sony’s 149MPH Vision-S Electric Car Is Now A Bonafide Road-Going Prototype

Ever since Sony unveiled its Vision-S EV concept last year, the world has been abuzz with speculation about when it’ll actually hit the production line. Sure, the global electronics manufacturer talked some big game upon the car’s debut, but it’s remained to be seen whether it would become a feasible possibility.

Sony appears to be making good on its promises, as the Vision-S has just entered the next stage of development: a fully-functioning road-going prototype vehicle. At this point, the specs are still somewhat tentative. However, we know much more than we did this time last year. For instance, it’ll be driven by a pair of 200kw electric motors located at the front of the rear of the vehicle. With power going to all four wheels, Sony claims it’s good for 0-62mph in just 4.8s before climbing to its 149mph top speed. And as far as the ride is concerned, the Vision-S will feature an air spring system complemented by a double-wishbone suspension setup, a combo that should be compliant and smooth. Inside, it’ll feature an Individual Seat Speaker at each seat, but beyond that we’ll have to wait and see. Head over to Sony for more.

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