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Sony’s Immersive Surround-Sound Wearable Speaker Is Coming To The U.S.A.

If you’re a cinephile or music fanatic, a fully-featured home speaker system is one of the best ways to enjoy audio — but these setups can be cumbersome and expensive. On the other side of the coin, headphones — even the hi-fi variety — don’t offer the same immersion and can get uncomfortable after long periods of wear. Now, Sony is hoping to combine the best of the two without any of the drawbacks in their SRS-WS1 Neck Speaker.

Previously released in Japan, this wearable is completely wireless — relying upon an included transmitter to send an audio signal from your TV or receiver to the device itself. And while the built-in speakers that surround the user obviously help with the audio immersion, the device is also set up to vibrate in conjunction with the sound to help draw you even further into whatever it is you’re watching, listening to, or playing — yes, it’s compatible with video game systems. It also offers simple tactile charging, the transmitter can function with up to two devices at a time and — at $250 apiece — it’s a good deal more affordable than a full home theater system.

Purchase: $250