Sony Merges A Universal TV Remote & Wireless Bluetooth Smart Speaker

While still a staple of a fixture in TV and living rooms, traditional televisions remotes are becoming more and more antiquated, with their utility taking a backseat to voice-control and smart-phone remote apps. Despite this, Sony Japan is seemingly committed to breathing new life into these increasingly obsolete devices, combining modern-day wireless tech and portable Bluetooth speakers with the classic TV clicker.

The successor to the SRS-LSR100, the new SRS-LSR200 wireless remote control speaker boasts two 2W stereo speakers and a single “Clear Voice” speaker that was engineered and tuned specially for human voice playback. The top of the device sports a large button remote layout, a physically raised jog wheel, and a flip-up wooden handle. Communicating with other smart devices via 2.4GHz, the gadget comes with a charging base that, in three hours fully replenishes the LSR200, giving it a 13-hour battery life. And unlike traditional handheld devices, this is one remote that won’t end up getting lost under the couch cushions. It’s sub-1.5lb weight also makes it ideal for mobile use. Slated for an official release on February 22, 2020, the Sony SRS-LSR200 has an MSRP of $182 (¥20.000).

Purchase: $182