Sony’s Spatial Reality Display Targets Creators With 3D-Viewing Technology

Three-dimensional viewing is far from a new concept. First introduced in the form of basic 19th-century stereo displays, it’s since appeared in everything from View-Masters to 3D glasses — and those are just some of the more popular commercial uses. However, Sony’s latest application of 3D tech isn’t intended for consumers; rather, it’s meant to be a medium for an entirely new type of artistic expression.

They’re calling it the Spatial Reality Display in reference to its real-time rendering algorithm. Featuring a high-speed sensor to track eye movement, the device can measure pupil position across three axes — vertical, horizontal, and depth — down to the millisecond. What’s more, the screen comes with a micro-optical lens that divides the image into the left and right eyes in order to provide a glasses-free 3D experience. What results is a deeply immersive display viewable from any angle. Up, down, or side-to-side, your movement around the screen makes it seem like you’re interacting with the image before you. Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine 4, it’s incredibly easy to integrate with your existing workflow. You’ll be able to buy it for $5,000 from Sony soon.

Purchase: $5,000