Sony 4K Security Camera

Transform your living room surveillance into movie-quality video with the new Sony SNC-VB770 security camera. As Sony’s latest Alpha product, it’s a 4k mirrorless, E-mount network camera that captures clear color video at 30 frames per second, even when the subject appears invisible to the naked eye. Also, with its 12.2-megapixel sensor is can capture 4K in lighting conditions as low as .004 lux.

The camera sees plenty of commercial use such as road ice detection, rail tunnel surveillance and nighttime wildlife monitoring. Now Sony is offering this product for personal home protection, recording anything that goes bump in the night. It can be controlled over any decent WiFi connection by a smartphone, and you can send both video and JPEG images captured off the camera directly to a local area network through an RJ-45 connector. With cinematic qualities and a razor-thin focus plane in low light, you might even be persuaded to use this camera in your next avant-garde photography project. Available for $7,500 later this year. [Purchase]