Sony’s Signature Series SA-Z1 Is A Best-In-Class Desktop Speaker

When it comes to your workstation, the inclusion of high-performance sound is of the utmost importance. While there are a number of great speaker systems out there that will fit the bill for desktop-bound audio enthusiasts, Sony has decided to make the search even easier with the Signature Series SA-Z1 — a quintessential setup that features the company’s latest technologies.

The SA-Z1 speaker system joins Sony’s other Signature Series flagships, offering buyers substantial sound quality, depth, and clarity. As an all-encompassing dual-speaker setup that’s primed to provide best-in-class performance, the SA-Z1 features a powerful I-ARRAY tweeter system, Coaxial driver layout, and a D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit, ensuring the accurate reproduction of rich, complex audio. But the speaker’s aren’t confined by their genre-defining performance; a durable, but beautiful, vibration-reducing aluminum architecture helps the SA-Z1 to blend effortlessly with your workspace, offering a tasteful addition that’s as aesthetic as they come. If you’re looking to take your desktop sound system to the next level, head to Sony’s website, where the SA-Z1 is slated to retail for $7,725.

Purchase: $7,725