Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Regulates Your Body Temp On-The-Go

Originally, the Olympics were intended to be held in Tokyo during the summer of 2020, and with them, a handful of interesting technologies, accessories, and devices were slated for a reveal. Sony’s Reon Pocket Air Conditioner was one such example, bringing the joys of in-garment breathability and airflow to athletes as they went head to head on the world stage. Sadly, the pandemic has denied the masses of this year’s Olympic Games — but Sony, on the other hand, is still pressing forward with its latest release.

This sleek, compact model was built to work seamlessly alongside its iOS and Android companion app, allowing users to regulate their body temperature through a series of manual (or automatic) control systems. Depending on the type of activity taking place, the Reon Pocket will adapt to its user’s movement — with the ability to lower body temperature by around 23 degrees Fahrenheit — courtesy of the Peltier effect. Each device will operate for around two to four hours, depending on use, and can be recharged for another round of in-garment cooling. However, if you’re hoping to acquire one of these innovative air conditioners, you’re out of luck; the response to Sony’s $122 device has been so positive that it’s already sold out on the company’s website. Head to the brand’s landing page for more information.

Purchase: $122