Sony’s Updated Reon Pocket Air Con Offers Double The Personal Cooling Performance

Late last summer, Sony launched an app-controlled wearable air conditioner known as the Reon Pocket. Designed to provide users with relief from both humid summers and freezing winters, it featured a small built-in Peltier element that could be cooled or heated at the push of a button.

With the launch of its Reon Pocket 2, Sony has taken the revolutionary climate control device and given it a top-to-bottom performance overhaul so that it’s more effective than ever before. In practice, this means that they’ve revamped the internals, fitted it with a stainless steel contact patch, and improved the sweat resistance for use during light exercise. So, while the original Reon Pocket provided up to three levels of cooling and heating power, the 2 now offers a fourth level, enabling as much as twice the amount of heat transfer. But that’s not all; Sony has also partnered with a series of brands — including Le Coq Sportif, Descente, Edifice, Estnation, and Musingwear — in order to develop a line of clothing with integrated slots to house the device, making it a seamless addition to your everyday carry. It’s available now in Japan for about $140.

Purchase: $140