Sony Prepares For Next-Gen Gaming With ‘Ready For PlayStation 5’ TVs

With various announcements surrounding the gaming world’s newest next-gen consoles, tech companies are scrambling to produce items, devices, and accessories that will capitalize on their timely release. Sony, in particular, has introduced a unique “Ready For Playstation 5” television line that relies on its premium Bravia lineup for unparalleled visual and audio quality — and now, they’re listed for sale via the company’s website.

The Sony “Ready For Playstation 5” Bravia TV line consists of a handful of televisions catered toward high refresh rates, low latencies, and increased resolutions, giving modern consumers the ability to take on the gaming genre’s next-gen worlds. Two distinct models stand out among their peers: the X900H, and the ZH8. For those who want to dominate the field in style, the X900H features a 4K Ultra HD monitor, 120 frame-per-second capability, and a low input lag of around 7.2ms. The ZH8, on the other hand, steps things up with a full-array LED 8K monitor, gifting players High Dynamic Range visuals, enhanced color, contrast, clarity, and sound, and a discreet bezel for truly immersive gaming. Both TVs will also boast calibrated picture modes, one-touch controller activation, and a Bravia-only “Game” suite, which will afford users the lowest latency while playing their favorite titles. Head to Sony’s website to learn more about its “Ready For Playstation 5” lineup.

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