Sony PS4 Slim Glacier White Edition

The original all-black release of Sony’s slimmed down PlayStation gaming console was certainly a head turner. Smaller silhouette and better functionality aside, the styling is just well done. But “all-black everything” isn’t everyone’s mantra, so the console left some hoping for a little more color variety. Especially because the full-sized PS4 comes in both all black and a gentler “Glacier white.”

Well, now the wait is over, because Sony has just announced that the PlayStation 4 Slim will be available in the same cool white as its big brother. It will be released for sale in Europe on January 24th with a 500 gigabyte hard drive and in Japan on February 23rd with a choice of hard either a 500 gigabyte or 1 terabyte hard drive. There’s no word on when or if we’ll get to see a release here in the States, but we certainly hope this option makes it here sooner than later. [Purchase]