Sony PlayStation TV Micro Console

E3 always brings with it plenty of exciting news within the wonderful world of video games, and 2014 is certainly no exception. This year the team at Sony is looking to take the world by storm with the release of their Sony PlayStation TV Micro Console.

This “micro console” is essentially a pocket-sized add on that will allow you the ability to stream your PlayStation 4 to another television, in a completely different room in your home. As if that function wasn’t cool enough, it will also lets users access PlayStation Now (the service that lets you stream old PlayStation games on your PS4). The device will also give users access to video and music streaming services, along with 1,000 games right out of the box when it debuts. The planned price for the U.S. is $99, and there will also be bundle packs available (controller and memory card). An official release date has not been unveiled, but we don’t think a holiday season release is too much to ask for. Could this be the start of a micro console war? Only time will tell.