Sony Unveils New VR Controllers With Haptic Feedback For The PS5

Sony is continuing to tease their upcoming next-gen VR experience for the PlayStation 5, and they’ve just given us our most tantalizing look yet with the reveal of the new PS5 VR Controllers. Unlike the baton-like PS Move controllers of the previous gen, the PS5 VR Controller boasts the looks and specs of much more modern virtual reality controllers, but with a PlayStation twist.

The PS5 VR Controller features haptic feedback, basically a must for any VR experience in 2021. There’s also a nifty finger touch detection feature that allows the user to make more natural motions without having to physically press buttons. The design of the controller is like a mix between an orb and a DualSense PS5 controller and has been engineered to be ergonomic, comfortable, and familiar. The DualSense is lending more than looks to its VR counterpart, though, as the VR Controller borrows the Adaptive Triggers from its sibling, as well as its action buttons and analog sticks. Finally, the new controller includes tracking technology that allows it to be followed by the upcoming PS5 VR Headset. Pricing and release dates have not been revealed yet, but you can learn more about the PS5 VR Controller from Sony.

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