Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector

Whether you’re hosting a backyard summer movie night under the stars or you’re giving a presentation to your business partners, a portable projector comes in handy. Sony has made a mobile pocket-sized projector that’s a must-have for film junkies, business professionals and gamers.

Don’t let its size fool you, as this compact portable projector packs a punch with a powerful ANSI 105-lumen for bright, crystal clear display of your favorite movies. It has the ability to project a 120” screen at about 11 feet away and all you really need is a bed sheet or a cleared out wall to enjoy this mini movie theater. For the best picture and experience, it uses ‘Texas Instruments DLP IntelliBright’ technology, in order to manage the brightness and power consumption. Also, it only takes five seconds to boot up, so you can immerse yourself into the world of cinema right away or jump right into a presentation. Don’t even worry about a tripod because it comes with automatic keystone correction, allowing you to place it on any table or desk with no issues. It also accepts a variety of media-streaming devices/dongles so you can project Netflix or Youtube with ease. Grab one now for the perfect summer night kickbacks.

Purchase: $400