Sony Debuts A Sleek PS5 Controller With Haptic Feedback & Adaptive Triggers

Once again, shots have been fired in the great console war between Sony and Microsoft. This time, it was Sony debuting its brand-new DualSense PlayStation 5 controller — which many folks have said looks an awful lot like those of the Xbox One, except much, much better.

The surprise unveiling came just yesterday via the PlayStation Blog and, along with a series of photos, gave fans and critics alike a bevy of information as to what we can expect from this new video gaming controller. Sony’s intention was to keep much of what made the DualShock, the previous generation’s controller, so good but also improve upon it in a number of ways. That includes improved haptic feedback for more immersion and realism, adaptive triggers — which can automatically increase or decrease resistance in conjunction with in-game events (like drawing back a bowstring) — an in-controller microphone for headset-free in-game communication, and a new ‘Create’ button in place of the old ‘Share’ one. They also managed to avoid adding extra weight despite the new features. If the PS5 console follows a similar design language and leans similarly into next-gen tech, pro-Sony gamers everywhere are in for a real treat.

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