Sony’s 63′ Modular Crystal LED Display Is A Massive 16K UHD TV

The latest screen from Sony is one that every movie fan would love to have in their ultimate home theater entertainment system. Sony’s Crystal LED Display System is a massive 63-foot wide screen that’s capable of displaying content up to an extraordinary 16K.

Capable of being installed in almost any desired size and resolution, the modular Crystal LED can accommodate any film junkie’s needs. It has over a million-to-one contrast ratio, perfect light levels, and low-heat emission, making it the display to beat. The display system utilizes ultra-fine micro-LED that’s half the width of one human hair, which is 100 times smaller than standard LEDs, providing you with immersive, jaw-dropping picture quality. It also has 1,000-nit brightness, extremely accurate color reproduction, and 10-bits of grayscale. Unsurprisingly, the Crystal LED won the 2019 Display Industry Award for “Display of the Year.” There’s no release date information yet, but the Crystal LED Display will cost $5.8 million.

Purchase: $5,800,000