Sony Bravia Master Series 4K Smart TVs

In the world of high definition televisions, Sony is looking to be the best of the best. That’s very evident with their latest Smart TVs that are part of the Master Series: the Z9F LCD and the A9F OLED.

In making these Smart TVs, Sony aimed to give us the crisp image quality that professional studio masters intend audiences to see. Both models are powered by the next-generation ‘Picture Processor X1 Ultimate’ for excellent picture quality and both have the ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode,’ in order to make sure that what you’re viewing is true to the artists’s intentions. There are a few new specs featured in the Z9F 4K TV, including ‘X-Wide Angle’ technology that solves the off-angle washout that’s typical with LCD panels and an auto-calibration system called ‘CalMAN software.’ The A9F 4K TV also has some high-end features, including Sony’s new ‘X-Motion Clarity’ engine that smooths out the picture to make it flawless, as well as actuators built in on both sides. Once again, Sony raises the bar with their Master Series TVs that make every fine detail on screen come to life.

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