Sony’s First-Ever Drone Was Designed To Carry Its Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

Over the last several years, DJI has effectively cornered the off-the-shelf drone market with its suite of high-performance fliers, making it harder and harder for the competition to get in on the action. Granted, there are toy-grade options aplenty, but if you wanted an alternative at the pro-level, your best bet would be to build one for yourself.

With the announcement of its first-ever drone — the Airpeak — Sony is poised to give DJI a run for its money. Designed to carry an Alpha mirrorless camera, it promises to be a game-changer for content creators looking to take advantage of the series’ stunning full-frame photo and video capabilities. It features a quadcopter design complete with retractable landing gear, but at this point in the project, there’s little other information available. However, we do know this — despite being the smallest class of drone capable of carrying the Alpha system, it’ll offer precise flight control and feature the stability necessary to deliver Sony’s nigh-on unmatched picture quality. You can follow the Airpeak’s progress at the website linked below.

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