Sony 100-Inch Z9D 4K TV

Every now and then a product comes around that we feel like we absolutely need. It’s not a rational need, like food for example, but nonetheless it’s a desire that immediately engulfs us in envy, where we would do practically anything to get our hands on the product. Sony’s new 100” 4K television is one of these products. And by god, we want one.

The mouth-watering display is part of their Z Series TVs that feature HDR for high contrast and rich and accurate visuals that will blow your senses out of the water. Known as the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, the tech behind this full screen is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There’s also this functionality called the Backlight Master Drive, which offers deeper blacks and brighter lights all-around, bringing to life previously hidden details in a brilliant manner. All cables are hidden in the back and front resulting in distraction-free viewing and with Sony’s Android TV you’re never more than a click away from your favorite shows. See? Now you never need to leave the house again. It is a scary world out there after all. There’s no word on pricing just yet but seeing how the 75” version will run you about $10,000, this one looks to be a bit of an investment. [Purchase]

Sony 100%22 XBR Z9D Series Television 1

Sony 100%22 XBR Z9D Series Television 3

Sony 100%22 XBR Z9D Series Television 2

Sony 100%22 XBR Z9D Series Television 4