Sonnet Off-Grid Communication Device

Heading out in the wilderness far from civilization and the trappings of modern society is a great way to clear your head. But it can also be a dangerous one, especially if you’re out of range of cellular service and internet coverage. Rather than taking an unnecessary risk that might end up getting you hurt or killed without access to help, pick up the Sonnet off-grid communication device – a mobile mesh that can keep you connected anywhere.

The Sonnet can allow you to make calls, send photos, or access GPS, even if you’re out of cell tower range – thanks to its use of long-range radio frequencies. And if you’re worried about distance covered, you need not – the Sonnet actually relays those calls, photos, and coordinate info through a mobile mesh of other users until it gets to its destination. And if you just need a little help finding your way, you can access offline maps to get you back on track. The Sonnet, which has a battery life of 36 hours per charge and a potential 24 hours of uninterrupted use, is on Indiegogo right now starting at $89 a pair.

Purchase: $89+