Solu Cloud Computer

When we typically think about the computer, we think either PC or Mac, both of which are loaded with applications, icons, files and require a mouse and keyboard. Now, there’s something different that will enter the market soon: the Solu Computer.

What makes this computer unique is its bio-like architecture and operating system. It uses a cloud system that enables users to share documents and collaborate in real-time. This also means there’s no need for apps to be installed. It’s interface is remarkable, and one of its most impressive features is the simple way that users build contacts and relationships with simple bubble-like icons. It’s a powerful computer, yet it requires little maintenance. And since it’s cloud-connected, any time that you need a new one, you’ll simply be able to login to receive all of your files. The device can be used directly on its small screen, or it can be plugged into any HDMI compatible monitor. It’s available for pre-order starting at $400 on Indiegogo. [Purchase]

Solu Computer 2

Solu Computer 3

Solu Computer 4