You Can Now BBQ Meats To Perfection With Solo Stoves 360° Airflow Design Grill

As backyard and off-grid grilling continues to see an influx in popularity, more and more manufacturers have introduced premium and novel takes on traditional grilling setups. And while many modern outfits tend to rely on emerging tech, the seasoned experts over at Solo Stove have opted for a different approach, instead implementing a clever construction and airflow design that allows for high-performance grilling in a compact and durable package.

The Solo Stove GRILL features the company’s own 360-degree Airflow Design inside the unit’s 304 stainless steel double-walled construction. Measuring 29.4” tall and 22” in diameter and weighing 38.5lbs, the system not only offers higher temperatures than your average grill but also markedly more convenience and ease of use, only requiring five minutes to set up and 10-15 minutes to heat the charcoal. The system’s all-natural vegetable starch charcoal can also burn for a full 45 minutes. Solo Stove is currently offering a “GRILL Ultimate Bundle” that contains a short stand, grill pack, 304 stainless steel grilling tools, a carrying case, and a grill shelter. For an extra $50 Solo Stove also sells a tall stand for the grill, too. Available now, the Solo Stove Ultimate GRILL Bundle is priced at $600.

Purchase: $600