Solo Stove’s Portable Pizza Oven Utilizes Smokeless Technology

Since its launch over a decade ago, Solo Stove has been on a persistent mission to reinvent the way we cook, especially outdoors. First updating the camp stove and then the fire pit with its super-efficient signature 360-degree Airflow Design for optimal circulation, thus minimizing smoke emissions, the Texas-based company has revolutionized cooking on a granular level this time with the Pi Pizza Oven.

Solo Stove’s Pi Pizza Oven will appeal to both beginners and culinary experts due to the optimized heat distribution and minimal heat loss through its dual-fuel capabilities. The oven cooks pizzas using kiln-dried cuts for a wood-fired taste, however, a gas burner add-on that uses propane is also available. When cooking with wood, the Pi can run for as long as three hours, making around three to four pizzas during its first hour alone.

Aesthetically pleasing as well, the Pi Oven offers a clean and straightforward design with a panoramic opening in the middle for easy access. The domed oven stands at just over 15 inches high and has a 20.5-inch diameter, allowing for plenty of room for a 12-inch pie inside. Solo guarantees that this oven will last you for years to come, offering a lifetime warranty. The Pi even comes with a cordierite pizza stone that’s reversible for an even longer lifespan.

Compact for those with limited outdoor space and convenient for others who simply want a low-hassle cooking experience, the Pi is perfect for any situation. Available at Solo Stove’s online store for a presale price of $425 for the wood-only version and $600 for the dual-fuel option, the pizza oven is due to begin shipping out on May 16th. Accessories such as bamboo peels, steel peels, and IR thermometers are all sold separately.

Purchase: $425+

Photo: Solo Stove
Photo: Solo Stove