Solo Skiff Fishing Kayak

Fishing can be both an extremely serene leisure activity and a major boon to anyone who appreciates fresh fish as food. But most boats are limited by venue because of their hull depths and method of power. Your average fishing boat is likely to get moored on a sandbar if you take it into water that’s too shallow. Similarly, your average kayak – being paddle powered – takes quite a bit of effort to get around. Solo’s Skiff fishing kayak, however, marries the best of both words with virtually none of the drawbacks.

This clever craft is made from the same durable-yet-lightweight polyethylene as your average kayak. That means it’s both easy to transport and can be taken into even the most shallow waters without risk of stranding. But it is designed more like a fishing boat. So it has plenty of storage for your gear and catches. That includes a dry storage area under the seat and a built-in cooler on the bow. And it can even be mounted with an outboard or trolling motor. For as simple as it is, this is one of the most versatile small fishing boats we’ve ever seen. It has an MSRP of $1,850. [Purchase]

Solo Fishing Skiff 02

Solo Fishing Skiff 03