Solo Motorcycle Helmet Rack by Threepence

There’s nothing more important than your motorcycle helmet when it comes to riding. It protects your head, and deserves some love in the house. Put your helmet on display with one of these gorgeous handmade Solo motorcycle racks.

Designed by the talented folks at Threepence, this stand not only stows away your brain bucket, it also makes it double as a moto-inspired art piece. The stand is built from nothing more than a 530 motorcycle chain fastened to an oak wall mount. It’s available in a single stack (The Solo pictured above), a Double Stack, and a side-by-side option title His and Hers for the companion riders. There’s even a DIY kit for those who are looking to get their hands dirty, consisting of just the 530 chain, giving you the option to mount it to whatever backboard you like. [Purchase]