Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 1
Unless you’re the Black Eyed Peas, acquiring a gold record usually requires singing talent. But acquiring a gold iPhone? No talent necessary; just $3,289.94. Make your next iPhone 5s the most dramatic Words With Friends conduit of all time with this 24-karat solid gold edition from Goldgenie; or go with rose gold or platinum. Hell, pick up all three in case you wanna melt one down into your own trophy record. There’s probably enough to make a 45.

Stunning looks are not the entire story here; this iPhone is SIM free and factory unlocked to all networks, so you can freely call anyone anywhere and brag to them about how you’ve got more gold than Egypt’s ice dancing Olympic team. Each package comes with a luxury Cherry Oak finish box; Apple earphones with remote and mic; dock connector to USB; and maybe some Grey Poupon? [Purchase]

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 2

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 3

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 4