Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic

So you’ve got the guts to wear a jean jacket with jeans. OK, hot shot, but what about a jean jacket, blue jeans, and a brand new pair of denim sunglasses?

By infusing layers of denim fabric with a carefully selected resin, the guys at Cornwall, England-based Mosevic have created what they call solid denim, and turned it a trio of sunglasses. Each pair is handmade with the instantly recognizable denim texture intact throughout the exterior surface, while the edges and the inside surfaces are polished smooth. The lenses are produced by Carl Zeiss Vision, with an initial choice of two polarized (CR39 plastic) lenses in Dark Grey and Brown. Choose from three styles, including the classic look of the flagship Cassini, the squarer framed Celsius, and the Kepler with its sweeping curves and a striking keyhole bridge. [Purchase]

Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic 1

Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic 2

Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic 3