Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht by Duffy London

Duffy London is first and foremost a furniture design company. Over the past few years they have made a name for themselves by designing and producing pieces like the Woodsman Axe Table, the Swing Table, and the oceanic Abyss Coffee Tables. Somewhat surprisingly, the company has just recently announced something a little outside of their comfort zone – a mega yacht concept dubbed the Solaris Global Cruiser.

Maybe all that designing of furniture left the studio feeling restless, or maybe they wanted to continue the nautical theme of their coffee tables – either way we’re not complaining. Duffy London imagines a boat that can cut across the top of the water with incredible speed and silence thanks to an electric engine powered by solar panels positioned on the top of the yacht. On the back of the boat, the design firm sketches out a beautiful wood deck with comfortable and plush seats for enjoying the view, and a set of stairs up to a top deck. While this is a somewhat wild concept, it seems that Duffy London is at least half serious about following through with it. On their website they have a spec sheet that promises a total of 5,200 horsepower and a max speed of 45 knots. Not bad for a boat with 5 cabins and a length of 144 feet. If you want to help this firm realize their dream – it’ll cost a cool $25,000,000. [Purchase]

Duffy London Solaris Global Cruiser 1

Duffy London Solaris Global Cruiser 2