SolarGaps Solar Panel Blinds

For a long time solar panels were considered a well meaning but ultimately expensive and inefficient way of generating power. Within the last five to ten years, however, the technology has become both cheap and powerful enough to allow for brilliant products like the SolarGaps Blinds to head to market.

These blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, helping both reduce your air conditioning bill and generate energy. Once installed, you can easily keep tabs on how much electricity you’re generating, and even adjust the angle of the blinds remotely using a connected smartphone app. Thanks to the simple plug and play design of these blinds, they’re ideal for both renters and business owners looking for a permanent way to increase savings month to month. How much savings, exactly? Well SolarGaps claims it can be up to 70%. That means that over a long enough period of time, these things will pay for themselves.

Kickstarter: $1,468+