SOL Pocket Rocket

Designed and engineered by Germany-based SOL Motors, the Pocket Rocket is a swift commuter built for slicing through the urban jungle. Filling in the gap between a motorcycle and a moped, this suave two-wheeler looks to be the future of daily commuting.

The award-winning ride features a lightweight rust-free aluminum tube frame, connecting all parts of the bike for an eye-catching, minimalist design. It stands at just over 2.5 feet and has a central tube containing the bike’s removable 220-volt battery along with its computer, headlamp, rear brake light, and turn signals. The 120-pound electric bike has range, as it can go as far as 50 miles on a single charge and bolt to speeds up to 50 mph thanks to an 8.5-horsepower electric motor. The futuristic two-wheeler also has app connectivity for Android and iOS, allowing your smartphone to become a fully functional controller. You can preorder your SOL Pocket Rocket today.

IndieGoGo: $5,110+