SOG Sync II Belt Buckle Multi-Tool

We’ve seen every manner of multitool. From keychain attachments to wallet-friendly EDC cards, it seems like designers have run the gamut of shapes, sizes, and formats. Yet, this one from SOG still surprised us. Sure it’s not the first of its kind, but it might just be the best belt buckle multitool we’ve ever seen.

You read that right. This multitool actually transforms into a functional belt buckle. And while we’ve seen examples of belt buckle tools before, none are quite as comprehensive as this one. With 12 tools – including pliers, a bottle opener, a file, crimpers, two screwdrivers, a ruler, a knife, and more – this is a legitimately well-designed device. While it transforms into a more traditional plier-style format, the best part about this 420 stainless steel multitool is that many of the attachments can be accessed without transforming it out of its pared-down rectangular belt buckle format. Which makes it a lot easier to use on the fly. Though it hasn’t gone on sale just yet, you can pick one up soon for $80. [Purchase]