SOG PowerLitre Multi-Tool

With 16 built-in tools, SOG’s PowerAssist multi-tool is one of the best ever built. But, weighing in at 9.6 ounces, it’s also pretty damn hefty. With their new PowerLitre, however, the brand managed to cut that weight by more than half — and they even added a 17th function to top it off.

While you might expect a 4.6-ounce, 5-inch folding multi-tool to be made out of something economical, like aluminum, the PowerLitre is actually still built from sturdy stainless steel. And the list of tools it includes is equally impressive — including pliers, a protractor, an awl, scissors, a straight-edge blade, wire cutters, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and much more. In all honesty, from an everyday carry standpoint, this is one of the most impressive folding tools we’ve ever seen and could send the likes of Leatherman running for the hills. It can be yours for just $50.

Purchase: $50