SOG’s 12-Tool ParaShears Are Perfect For Emergency Responders

There are a lot of different kinds of multi-tools out there and each, when well made, is well-suited to a wide variety of functions. But there are also some vocations that require more specialized tools, like emergency responders. And that’s exactly for whom SOG has created their ParaShears.

Developed with input from actual physicians and paramedics, these ultralight rescue shears are built from coated 3Cr13 steel and can fold down small enough to slip into your pocket. And while the star of the show is their shearing functionality, they also hide away a number of other folding tools in the handle — including an awl, dual-purpose screwdriver, serrated blade, tweezers, oxygen tank key, and more. It even has a bottle opener for a bit of celebration once you come through the other side. The price is set at $85 and the SOG ParaShears will be available in January of 2020.

Purchase: $85