SOG Mission Grade Packs

SOG has made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of incredibly tough knives, mutli-tools, and outdoor equipment since they were founded in Lynnwood, Washington back in the mid 1980s. Now, the company that names themselves after a Vietnam era special ops unit is applying the same attention to detail that helped build their brand as a knife maker onto a new line of Mission Grade Packs.

While each of these six packs is different in their own way, you can expect to find a baseline set of features and materials on each one. What stands out most on first glance is the Hypalon Molle and hard molded top on these backpacks. Hypalon has been gaining in popularity recently for makers looking to add molle to their gear – it’s a good looking material that is also strong enough to be used for everything from inflatable rafts to roofing material. While the hard topped portion of the pack is great for protecting fragile items like sunglasses, the water resistant coating helps keep your items safe in nearly any type of weather. If it’s hot out, wearers of any one of these packs can slide in a water bladder for keeping hydrated through the day. Easy access and adaptability are important to SOG, so they also made sure to include a fully zippered front portion of the pack, a quick access zip on the side, and the ability to strap rifles to your pack on the side or front. Prices begin at $139. [Purchase]

SOG Mission Grade Packs 1

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